Hi guys it’s Abby and it’s Becky and we’re and today we are about to show you something so mind-blowing I can’t believe how easy this trend is to do so it started out with you know the nail polish with water dipping things like nails or mugs into the nail polish water, and we were like we should be able to do this with fabric.

Because obviously we want marble fabric things all the things so after we did some research we found out that you can do fabric and water marble techniques. But it’s even easier, if you use shaving cream it’s it’s crazy how well this works. And I’m just saying this a duvet from Urban Outfitters this marble theme. And I want it.


So I might just use this myself and we’re going to show you what you can turn your marble fabric into so a couple super simple sewing techniques to make some projects out of your marble fabric and you guys like DIYs you like marble trends you like all things trendy comment guess won’t regret it. Because that’s what we do trendy DIYs you’ll love it all right let’s do it to turn your basic fabric into a gorgeous marble print we’re going to need some foaming shaving cream black fabric paint some kind of small stir stick a small and long piece of cardboard and our base fabric which we chose a simple cotton on an easy to clean surface or some disposable plastic that is larger than your fabric we use plastic garbage bags add a small dollop of shaving cream to this we added a couple of drops of black fabric paint with your stir stick ake a pencil mix the paint in the shaving cream we did this by swirling the paint and the shaving cream in the end you want it to look something like this do not mix it too much otherwise you’ll end up with grey shaving cream which we don’t want next we are going to lay a thin base layer of shaving cream the size of our fabric we wish to print use your hands to smooth out the shaving cream now we are going to take our small piece of cardboard and use it as a tool to spread our paint we are applying it in small sections little by little in different directions you really want to see those different tones we made another batch of our paint mixture and continue to apply it to the area until the entire space was covered next we took our cotton fabric and carefully laid it down on our shaving cream we then lightly cross the fabric into the shaving cream. So that we made sure the paint was touching the fabric make sure you don’t press down too hard you don’t want the shaving cream to push out from under the fabric until we get to the edges you can push along the edges of your fabric to make sure that your paint is getting to the edges and it’s kind of fun after your fabric is completely pressed you can go ahead and pull it off of the shaving cream you want to place this on another easy to wash or a plastic bag surface. Because the next step can get a little messy taking that long piece of cardboard that we cut out we are going to use it as a giant scraper to get off all the shaving cream you want to try to do this in one go, if possible and, if not multiple is okay.

Because that’s what we have to do too. But you need to make sure that you clean your scraper afterwards otherwise the black paint can get on the white areas and your fabric will all turn out with mostly gray the next step is to take your fabric and give it a good rinse with cold water to remove the shaving cream we then let it air dry not in direct sunlight. But follow the instructions on your fabric paint after it was dry we heat said it was an iron and a piece of fabric on top for a buffer from here you can turn your fabric into just about anything we took a square piece roll the edges over to create a hem sewed it up and now we have a handkerchief we turned a large piece of fabric that we printed into a pillowcase, and we have a super easy way to make a pillowcase which will link right here and lastly we folded this rectangular piece of fabric with the good pads together pin the edges to create a seam and then pin the zipper into the open top edge by pinning the good sides of the zipper and the fabric together on each side after we sewed the sides in the zipper opening, when a slope right side up it’s a super cute bag for makeup pencils or whatever your heart desires I always enjoyed learning how to make your marble fabric we hope that you learned something new that both the time the things with the aim to do is bring you things that you maybe haven’t seen before and share them with you. Because they’re just that cool we have to share them and you think of the ways that you can apply this like even, if you drew like an actual design mm-hmm and then like pressed it in I don’t know it could be cool Louise, if you like spread it I don’t know yet creative guy is so excited to see we guys do exactly it’s super unique so, if you do make stuff please set it to us a session on Instagram.

Because we repost of all over POS that you guys do so send it to us on Instagram at the circle DIY you got it that’s nice alright thanks so much for reading we’ll see you guys in our next post, if you liked this post make sure that you like it, if you love it make sure you something I’ll see you next time bye bye.

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