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As your confidence grows, you may be inspired to decorate larger items such as a table or bedhead. It is very easy to do, and the only equipment you will need is a selection of decorative upholstery studs, a small hammer and a soft pencil or some chalk. The first step is to plan your design. You can do this on paper and transfer it, but we found it easier to draw it directly on to the item using a pencil or chalk.

Then, with a small hammer, gently tap in the nails – use light taps as a hard blow could bend the nail.

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It's a good idea to practise positioning the nails before you start, as it takes a few goes to get the spacing just right. We found it MAIN PICTURE: a brilliant way to brighten up an old table is to cover it with fabric that is fixed in place with decorative nails (see page 134 for instructions).

If you plan to use a transparent fabric, as we did, good table legs are an asset. PRIVATE DINING FOR 2 LONDON ABOVE. LEFT: candles become works of art when decorated with a variety of nails. The thicker the candle the easier it is to decorate.

First, mark your design on the wax with the tip of a nail – use a ruler to keep the spacing accurate. Then, with gentle pressure, push the nails into place. ABOVE, CENTRE: planning the design for an album cover (see page 134).

ABOVE, RIGHT: the slats of this old garden chair were decorated with a zig-zag pattern. Useful to protect the patterned finish on the top of the nails by covering them with a piece of fabric or tape.


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