Okay that was the worst pothead really oh it died hello my name is Chelsea hey we are the star girls today we reading some really old country bear things first posts we usually do a DIY so as you guys know. But we’re kind of like in the middle of a move right now. So we’re going to bring me some of this I am like slightly at risk pull these out of I don’t know the past we’ve been hidden quietly for a long time I’m looking here the very first post says it was six years ago I think we’ll save our first one to later maybe.

But um let’s see what we feel like reading okay so this is our Blackpool on Halloween costume this is like our first claim to fame I guess yes post that really well bro yeah it did really well beneath a Black Swan costume yo yeah we’re not Tommy we have a Polish about wheel in the from I didn’t see what happened to it he probably died. And I have like the worst pothead no pothead spotlight spotlight spotlight under bed five head hot light spotlight on my head yeah they’re true like I can we have a light set up you can see those shadows what is this like mom like it I’m just a we didn’t want to ruin the floor. So we put down okay also we didn’t show making the coffee we literally like to talk about it I don’t know why not it’s like we forgot we in the gym like oh we’re just going to do it I’m not even doing make up or the crown the black one she’s kind of like an ugly character yeah so, if you mess it up like, if it is only not empty no I just use any rulers or measuring tapes or protractor on the other side we do now who declines oh. And I was absolutely yes there’s like this really girly girl why laughing I’ve just you’ve done my better to have done I bet I was like whoa I’m sorry say you’re pretty well me in an ugly way – chuckling crinkling guys jiggling you just want to like make sure that it uh-huh so all Charlie get that yeah what is your Pam alone not dedicated okay so the couple Assessors to finish it off Oh everyone there’s a hat and now is all the crown okay you so much for reading okay wait on post I’m gonna be up next do you wanna learn to edit girl I know you’re partnering tonight I know that you have to like oh yeah.


So I got awareness of the club what fine I think much you’re reading making. And I has been to one club better Oh like this I remember it so proud of such data I know we’re like we are the queen of our scene happy days is like that was not bad alright let’s find another what things to do on a night a world hello let’s go out I can’t I’m sick this is our acting debut acting skills on caucus night Chloe and, if you clean around this is this an excuse to clean my room I was like just meet any one of the categories that I need to clean my room what I miss my holes around your mama whoa whoa didn’t you dream of my best mark zone I’m sorry cheering very soon sorry sorry I’m so lonely I’m Arnie flat sorry you Nutella dream out of this job you’re funny Oh thumbs up of your subs during the holidays yeah oh my god old Instagram. And I got all the numbers I hate your Dania so sweetness there is a visit do your homework or not ha ha ha where you take that new place by yourself in stereo we’re not comedians we’ll see you doesn’t excuse it successful black men that ends late though okay this is pump kill you guys haven’t seen this one go up it is, when we started to actually appreciate some school education and do something with it, and we thought this was the best thing that ever been made we’re like cinema meat ever Tommy meets action post yep.

I never was so proud of a coloring on this post yeah you did a felling like this is kind of like pumped in porn oh that Oh or it’s like post for like white I just have nothing to do with anything it’s so like just literally extra we did the I liked the end though yes this part this is like very Pinterest before Pinterest wait and that Sun setting effect yeah we left that outside right okay yo hands down still want my breasts still impress you guys to go upside Joey seriously full impact oh we should do dorm room apartment decorating I don’t remember this post and it’s our first like room decor okay okay so today he had a post for you about apartment door decorating organ we just don’t everybody like that okay so what am I wearing not butter finds it a candle in a candle I just want a nice oh it’s like I feel like it was cool beneath a connection like why would they be sassy what I like whatever yeah whatever I don’t share this post oh we’re telling you about this I know it’s so rude I’m sorry I get excited anybody’s wanting it they’re really here okay I know that like I’m like Halle happy era office maja come on so this is my day.

I got this I’m confident you do execute and definitely all those just like corner Banting I do that I read a kaeru miss you’re small you get all about that you had no option anyway oh my god remember, when you could change the background the reasons blog hey yo yo that anymore you can just banner okay so this is my room and remember you lost your comforter and then it faded this is a perfect example can you see them I’m not going to call it the company that I got that something wrong oh yes you liked it the very first time I watched it all the blocking blood of uh super weird why does he did I go about decorating your place is and the first thing is definitely bring your own personal stylist on between now what are we going to have summer yeah probably what are we talking about all right yes like key points we just kind of done all right so make so much for reading guys comment more posts coming soon let us know what you want to see yes okay guys you don’t sound very confident we did not sound very confident any of that we’re looking more posts coming soon Ruth alright let’s go on to the very first post the creme de la creme okay let’s do this okay this is ketchup do you remember one case it was a thing we’re headed on I remember us talking about and what’s his slide show like we couldn’t make post this no we didn’t need to take post with making it I remember it is fine haha since our first post uh what’s up I’m Chelsea and some work whose idea was why thumbs up for awkward whispers or a hot doctor firefighters look at comedy posts it’s not meant to be. But I don’t think it meant to be the dummy I think it is I did you for how we need to look so young there i Elega in my basement used a fire hat looking ominous my check I’m glad we like cut that whisper things to the side and let leave me a comment, if you want the whisper edit to come back oh my guess we were a summer before you so long something hahaha take this that’s the pumpkin styling though today yo for one getting luck with your so dumb I’m just looking at a highlighter and thought that it should be a Holly on Kim any shape any like and in her late okay I’m like so pissed off myself or not looking at the frickin camera like I’m like we’re over here I love these like photos I’m so glad that we’ve learned how to snowboard here our project like even putting in the photos I don’t we get fullscreen mansions let me decide I’m pretty sure I editors I would take credit credit for that is Chris up just make sure you behold for top and bottom go to work is address really are you can understand why we aren’t wearing the costumes are like Stella you’re making no sense where are they guys I love this is every post my apparently I had like a following already just like love you guys love you yeah Rob excute I’m glad that we did that.

Because that for his post spawned everything that cause instant nothing like really really great there’s a that what a nice little that’s so special I thanks guys for reading this that was pretty funny. And I honestly I think there’s more posts in the middle span of time. But I like really don’t remember like all those, when did we post this who did this I don’t remember at all what was 2018 I don’t know I’m out of here 2018 that’s true, if you guys want to see a part two to this let us know below yeah and give us a comment, if you like DIY, if you like our faces yeah I want to see more of those I’m looking forward to having you guys around for another six years. So we can see we’ve already asked to Seville I ate the next reaction coming in six years corn we’re like maybe, when we make a big like commentr milestone I teach as mister reading, if you like this post and, if you letter they say something and we’ll see you next time hi.

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