Recreation Room | Definition of Recreation Room

RECREATION ROOM The room behind the living area has been turned into a multipurpose space. It offers room for the homeowners to showcase their favourite decorative accents and houses a piano as well.

Configuration saw the entrance located along the front but it didn’t sit well with the owners,” explains Kobe. Another thing they didn’t like was the cooking zone’s petite floor plan. It was then decided that this previously enclosed space would be turned into a semi open-concept kitchen. To facilitate that, the boundary walls were hacked away, and the space within was reconfigured.

Recreation Room | Definition of Recreation Room Photo Gallery

Recreation Room | Definition of Recreation Room
Recreation Room | Definition of Recreation Room

A glass door system was proposed by Kobe to ensure a sense of spaciousness – the sliding door can be tucked within a slot between two cabinetry fixtures. This presents a seamless appearance, and the boundaries between the kitchen and dining spaces can be blurred. The designer also worked with new materials, which include the cutting-edge Fenix nanotech matte surfaces from EDL. “This material is perfect for the hardworking kitchen as micro scratches can be removed by cleaning it,” says Kobe. For the countertops, they chose quartz surfaces from Caesarstone that bear marble-like grains to usher in a touch of luxe.

Complementing the kitchen is an added extension: a beverage station and full-height storage which is located conveniently next to the dining set. With some meticulous space planning, Kobe managed to fit in a large double-door fridge into this kitchenette.

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COMMON BATHROOM Homogeneous wall tiles with marble veins line the common bathroom. This overlay creates a more luxurious atmosphere as compared to an ordinary HDB bathroom.

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