Repurposed Furniture Ideas Kitchen

Repurposed Furniture Ideas Kitchen

Making Paste

Some good paste will be required. Many quite satisfactory paste powders are obtainable, and making them up from the printed instructions on the package is a very simple operation.

Should it be desired to make up ordinary flour paste the following is one of several ways of preparing it.

Take 4 lb. of flour, mix it into a perfectly smooth batter in a bucket by gradually adding cold water and constantly stirring. Then add more cold water to the total quantity of about a gallon. Then place the mixture over a fire or stove constantly stirring until it boils, when it will at once thicken. Then remove it to a cool place, pour a little cold water on the surface to prevent skinning, and let it remain until quite cold. It is well worth while to strain the paste before use so as to remove any lumps there may be in it.

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