Hey guys my name’s Abby and we’re the scigirls and you guys always ask us what a ride-or-die DIY kit would be and, if you’re just starting out DIY and what you should pick up we got you covered. Because we’ve been doing this for a couple years and here’s some things that like might seem obvious might not seem obvious and might seem obscure. But you’ll probably end up using them way more than you ever thought you would let’s jump right into it so the first thing obviously is a good pair of scissors you will use this in pretty much every DIY that you do ever we love these gold ones. Because they look at and they work great so we’ll link below that might seem obvious.

But something that is not as obvious is fabric scissors so honestly you can get a birch shears which are a little bit more expensive. But honestly we just found a good pair of scissors which are like the exact same thing. But we only use these for fabrics so no paper no thicker materials and then it keeps them nice and sharp no tape. Because tape quickly ruined scissors it gets them more sticky yeah so basically like chunky scissors and fabric only scissors so they’re nice and sharp next up is a craft knife or a tiny little exacto knife with blades that you can switch out we use this all the time something that we used to use it for a time before we had an electronic cutter machine is cutting out things out of paper or anything detailed.


So we made a quote pillow years ago using this and this got us through, and we love these things, when it gets dull you could buy the new blades they’re super affordable go get yourself one this is like your DIY for my shopping list yes will like link it below and on the blog too and link all these things too. So you can just like shop on Amazon next up is superglue other than hot glue I think this is one of our favorite glues it’s good for smaller project and used for like every purpose which is the best part yeah. But can be used in a pinch too, if a DIY isn’t going well you can just like super glue it together and it’ll probably be fine yeah yeah I could use it all the time and it’s usually like not too expensive and clear it’s just need this on hand always just be careful, if you get it on your fingers nail polish remover okay next up is a glue gun and of course we use this in almost every post again and recently we did a glue gun challenge post where we test it out a bunch of Lu guns to see what the best one was this one was the winner, if you want to see what happened in that post you can click the card above blue twine is a really good material to have on hand it looks really cute you can tie things with it you can use it to make like hanging pots to just like add a little detail wrapping gifts yes just like a really easy go to fine or some kind of cute string thing I think is a good thing to have in your DIY Arsenal kit so next up is pliers slash wire cutters and even better, if you can get a two and one like this one then you don’t own a ton of tools and it does the same thing this is great for bending wire doing anything with jump rings we make necklaces recently where we use this for the whole thing it’s just super handy and and you don’t want to use your scissors to be cutting wire I know like some people do that you will quickly not do that. Because you’ll realize that your scissors now work for nothing.

Because they’re really dumb so make sure you’re cutting wire always use wire cutters a thin sharpie is really good for any kind of cards drawing writing planning thin sharpies thicker sharpies we use them all the time yep and then last stop for things that you might already own. But, if you don’t we’ll tell you anyways paint rollers you might think you can get away with paint brushes your whole life. But I swear, if you use one of these it will change your life this is even get these from the dollar store literally and paint rollers just leave the nicest finish on anything we painted our cabinets and our hold off as a while ago and it came out so professional looking and not streaky. Because paint rollers yeah there’s so much easier than paint brushes you can get the job done way faster this was a late learn for us I know how did we go on so long with this, if you have a big project you’re probably gonna want to use next up we have some slightly obscure.

But very useful items we have a hacksaw this is super tiny. So you can definitely fit it in your DIY kit even, if you don’t have a lot of space and this is like one of the kind of harder core tools that we have we use this for cutting metal we just find ourselves like reaching for it, if we’re just trying to like get something done yeah even, if you think you’re not like a handy person you will need this like, if you buy doorknobs from Anthropologie and they’re too long trim them with this guy so handy mm-hmm next up is a leather hole punch and this guy’ll it might look a little intense. But he’ll be coming new best friend he is basically I really have a duty hole punch you can’t get away with using a regular like office hole punch for leather or anything yeah and, if you want to make a nice hole in fabric this is the way to do it it’s so easy and it looks so professional we’ve used it on leather and other fabrics, and we use it all the time personally to like adjust our belts we put new holes and felt seriously you know, if you’re having like a skinny day or a bigger day and you’re like about the amount of times where I’m like 9 o’clock. And I’m like leaving the place and like I’m like oh I just need to add an extra hole like way too many times it’s weird yeah and this works so well it’s not that expensive linked below so next up we have two tools that go together these are your glass cutting and glass scoring tools so they’re both very inexpensive this one has like the tiniest little blade like it’s not even sharp.

But you push down and you apply pressure, when you’re cutting glass and then you come around with these pliers and then you just go like that and it snaps it in half we’ve used these so many times we always use them in our third flip up cycles like cutting glass for we did it for your wedding nothing we did it for terrarium you can cut a whole bunch of glass you can kind of pretty much link cut straight lines so, if you’re trying to do any kind of circle or anything that’s like we don’t know we don’t have your right yarn for that we’ll get back to you on that one. But we find ourselves using this a lot awesome for up cycles omere’s two years and they’re just like so inexpensive that I’m like yes these are a good little handy dandy tool and the last one is this little guy called an awl awl and really all it is is just all it is all it it it’s just it’s good it’s just a really sharp spiky he’s a metal low key you could use a hammer and a nail you could. But it nice to have it in a tool, and we bought this back, when we did our DIY bullet journals. So we use this to punch holes in the paper and then threaded it up.

But since then we’ve used it for so many things this is so handy, if you’re trying to put a screw in something and it keeps slipping you can get the hole started with this yep you can use it for like so many things you’ll find use for this and it’s not that expensive so yeah one of these guys I think there’s so much for reading this post I hope that, if you’re trying to build up your DIY some like it that this helped you out some places to get started. And I mean these are the some of the tools that we have. So we use them all the time in our tutorials so, if you’re reading a tutorial then, if you have these tools it might be a little bit easier for you to do the tutorial, if you guys have like a rider – I DIY essential that we haven’t mentioned let us know how to check it out like measuring tape ruler there’s like so many obvious things like Oh a pencil yes. But maybe there’s something amazing that you figured out that makes life a lot easier that we haven’t figured out so please tell us yes some of the tutorials that we mentioned today will be linked below some throwback tutorials and again we’ll link the actual tools and stuff here, if you want to grab those and, if you guys like this post make sure you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you serve it now I’ll see you next time bye .

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