Rococo Interior Design Ideas

Rococo Interior Design Ideas

This interior design aesthetic features a lot of intricate and ornate details found in its decor and furniture pieces. Rococo is rich and flamboyant and isn’t apologetic about it. You’ll also see a lot of gold painted furnishings contrast with the subtle pastel walls. Curves and spirals are dominant design elements, giving rococo style a hint of playfulness. You’ll find multiple large mirrors on the walls, as well as expensive ornately framed paintings of people or landscapes.

Rococo is easy to imitate because there are so many variations of this style and you can pick up a lot of items that fit into the style of your room from reclamation yards or from second hand stores.

By now, you probably already have a good idea on how you can decorate your home in the style you want. But before you get started, don’t forget to read up on the last chapter on interior design tips, especially written for beginners as well as familiarizing yourself with techniques which are shown in the chapters that lie ahead.

Creating a style means getting the room ready for that style and then creating a design clipboard, collecting all the ideas that you can, ready to use to create the style you have chosen.

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