Room Decorating Ideas

Room Decorating Ideas

To make a hole for the door-knob fitting, first drill a small hole in the metal, to act as a guide, then a larger hole with a 1,5cm (Yin) drill bit. If you are in any doubt about your ability to do this correctly, there is always the option of getting a professional to fit it for you.

Metal sheeting and rivets can of course be used to transform the doors of cupboards anywhere in the house, but it is not necessary to use real metal to create the look. Metallic paint is effective too. Car paints are available from car goods suppliers in a range of colours as well as the silvery grey associated with real aluminium or steel.

4 Rich red leather has been used to cover the outside of these impressive doors, made even more stunning by arranging rows of brass studs in various rectangular forms to provide a panelled-door effect. Upholstery tacks or studs could be used to achieve a similar effect.

Making a padded door Ace of wadding slightly smaller than the size of – =nd attach its edges with a staple gun or tacks.

2 Cut the fabric slightly larger than the door and turn the edges over. Start fixing at the centre top of the door.

3 Finish attaching the fabric at the top, then the bottom, followed by the sides, using fixings at regular intervals.

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