In contrast, and much more graphic in design, my non-traditional art photography has vibrant hues and harmonious color palettes. As an example, Flower with Stem’ features a piece of Queen Anne’s lace I found growing wild and in great abundance along a roadside in New England. I snipped a bunch of stems and brought them back to photograph in my makeshift vacation studio. My husband and kids went back to the beach, and I went to work. I photographed the single stems grouped together and individually in a hundred different ways until I knew I had what I was looking for ” a vertical shot of one single stem with a very sexy curve and a fabulous lace canopy. I had it!

From freelance photographer and art gallery owner to High Point Market exhibitor, photographer Wendy Concannon chronicles her brand’s growth. Next up? Connnecting with interior designers.

Flower with Stem|Red was unveiled at the fall 2015 High Point Market. It stands strong alone, Wendy Concannon explains. Yet the 43-inch-high print is equally stunning paired with other florals from her catalog.


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