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A plain, flat slab set on top of a capital.


A plant with large, scalloped leaves carved as a decorative feature on classical buildings. Room design ideas living room Most commonly seen on Corinthian and Composite capitals, but also used on friezes or moldings.


Sheets of hard, clear plastic that are used as a flexible, shatter-resistant alternative to glass.


The side part of a church or similar building, usually separated from the central nave by a row of columns. Churches and Roman basilicas typically have two aisles, one on either side of the nave, though occasionally there are four.


A passageway, usually around the apse of a church, that was originally used for processions.


A circular or elliptical auditorium surrounded by tiers of seats that was used to stage gladiatorial contests and other events in ancient Rome.


A semicircular or polygonal area, often at the east end of a church but sometimes around another part of the building, and usually roofed with a vault.


The lowest part of the entablature in classical architecture. It is a horizontal strip that runs immediately above a row of columns; more generally, a molded strip around a doorway, window, or similar opening.

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