Room Design Ideas

Room Design Ideas

Striking Lines

Before beginning to hang a wallpaper it is best to make a pencil mark on the wall 21 inches from the window. Then take the plumb line (the length of string with a weight at the end) and draw it over a piece of coloured chalk. Pin it to the top of the wall so that it will hang exactly over the pencil mark.

Then, pressing it tightly to the wall near the skirting board with the left hand, pull it away, higher up, with the right hand and sharply release it. This will leave aline marked on the wall. The object of striking this line is to obtain an exactly perpendicular line from which to work.

Now we return to the cut lengths on the table. Push the pile well back and draw the top one forward. The front edge of the paper should be exactly level with the front edge of the table and the right-hand end level with the end of the table.

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