Room Design Questionnaire

Room Design Questionnaire

Tools and equipment Preparing to paint

Narrow double doors are useful for dividing two rooms which interconnect and are often used together, as they look more welcoming and create less of a barrier when open than a single, full-sized door. Here, a panelled effect is suggested with roughly applied white paint.

To work out how much finish you need to buy, measure the surface area of your windows or doors to get a rough idea of the area that needs to be covered, and check the estimated coverage details on the cans. Check, too, whether the finish requires any treatment for instance, some paints are sold in a slightly concentrated form and need to be thinned with white spirit or other thinner before application.

Most are applied with brushes although some, such as stains, can be put on with a cloth. It is worth having a few improvised tools to hand in addition to the necessary decorating tools. An old spoon, for instance, is useful for lifting paint-can lids, especially ones that have been resealed for a few days.

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