Room Designs For Furniture

Room Designs For Furniture

Traditional patterned fabrics

Due to their long history and historical associations, traditional fabrics add a certain grace and gravitas to a room. They also remain among the most beautiful patterned fabrics available.

Floral prints are quintessentially English. Among the most charming are those that have a faded look, as if they have been around for generations. Florals mix well with other patterns, such as stripes, which can freshen them up and prevent them looking fusty. Chintz, a glazed cotton printed with flowers such as roses and peonies, is the epitome of English style. El

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Toile de Jouy is a distinctive picture fabric, generally showing pastoral scenes, printed in a single colour on white or cream.

Provencal prints, based originally on imported seventeenth-century Indian-printed fabrics, are decorated with flowers and abstract motifs printed in black and distinctive rich colours like egg yolk and bottle green. They make a strong impact, combining a rustic farmhouse feel with the exoticism of Provencal heat, harsh sunlight and scented air.

Jacquard has a pattern woven into it, often of flowers and leaves, and a slightly silky finish.

Paisley, a popular fabric design that originated in Scotland, has a* swirling pattern of rounded shapes that curve into a point; it generally comes in rich and strong colours. El

Tartan, the Scottish hallmark beloved of Queen Victoria, who decorated whole rooms with it, has a sober, masculine feel. The colours are mostly rich and resonant, though some are rather drab and disappointing. D

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