Okay hi guys this is my bedroom this is my bed I’m going to start with this. Because you can see it from the door this duvet cover is from Urban Outfitters. And I had to replace the one that I had last year. Because I don’t know, if you remember it started out being blocking away and then washed it in and what clearly grey so it’s really upsetting so got a new one these are the same pillows as before they are from Ralph Lauren and they’re really big and puffy which is why I love them they’re so comfy this like it came from Ikea and it’s really soft.

And I feel like it just makes the public cozier which I love this headboard I actually made. And I have a post up on how it did it. And I really do it. But I think it makes it look kind of rustic in here.


But still cozy this lamp light thing paper light is from Ikea also clearly I shop there way too much and it just hangs from the ceiling and it really brightens up this whole corner which is nice this is my bedside table and this came from HomeSense and her 7 o’clock and another light which surprisingly came from Ikea so this is the corner of my bedroom I got this just playing my curtain from Ikea and this is actually a curtain tie rod thing from Urban Outfitters and it’s really helpful. Because you just screw it into the wall and it holds your curtains, when you want light in your room this is a dresser which I got off of kid GG for only $30 which I don’t know, if I believe ads is insane someone was moving. And I didn’t have room for it and it was exactly what I needed. So I wouldn’t picked it up so always check.

Because you do they have things just resting on it I have this picture of surfboard and a car which came from Urban Outfitters they have like a print shop and then I just had perfumes and things on here and this is not actually a TV it’s just a computer screen type of thing that you can hook your laptop up to and watch shows on it so this is the back wall of my room and this closet thing was left by my the roommate who lived here before. And I believe it’s from Ikea it’s not super big. But it’s good to just put hanging things. And I don’t really need to be any bigger.

Because I have to address it right there this is my little baby desk which I brought from home and it’s good just to put your lap to bond and do work on and on on it I just have a little make-up me or in another this paper light matches the one that have hanging from my ceiling and below it I have this used to be a shoe rack. But I took one of the shelves off and now I use it to put my printer on and in front of my bed I just have this six cube box things I believe it’s from Home Depot and it’s good to just put stuff storage whatever. And I put baskets in it which I’m from Ikea and it kind of act as like well they stop stuff from falling out. Because there’s no back to the cube thing and it’s really good.

Because my duvet doesn’t go long so it kind of stops the book from sitting under my bed just send my mess thanks for reading and go check out cousins room now bye.

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