Rooms Decorating Ideas

Rooms Decorating Ideas

Primers for Wood and Metal

The use of a primer is not generally understood, but this is one of the most important operations in building up a finish, as upon this coat depends the success of all subsequent coats. Primers for wood are usually composed of red and white lead, raw linseed oil, turpentine and driers; they are of thin consistency, as they must penetrate the pores of the wood and so stop the suction. The minute particles of lead pigment are of rough texture, and this forms a “key” which aids the ad-hesionof subsequent coats of paint.

Primers for woor contain a large pr portion of raw 1 seed oil to ens; penetration, a lead pigments as in the drying of t Primers for mi contain less oil ; the pigment may either red or wl lead, oxide of ire or aluminium po der ; gums an resins are sometime, incorporated to confer elasticity and adhesive properties.

A primer in which aluminium powder is incorporated has excellent anti-corrosive properties on metal, and is also suitable for wood, as it forms in effect a thin sheet of aluminium which is absolutely waterproof.

Primers other than aluminium are supplied in white, grey, pink, and some metal primers are transparent like varnish; they are supplied either by weight or measure. The spreading

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