Rooms Decorations Ideas

Rooms Decorations Ideas

* Buy home office supplies in bulk once a year during fall “back to school” sales and you’ll save a bundle.

* Compare TV prices vs quality pictures in different models. Be patient and wait until your favorite type to go on sale. (Note: some electronic stores have a price guarantee. Jf you see your item go on sale the next week or even the next month after you’ve bought it, take your receipt and go in and ask for a refund. We saved $400 on a big screen TV doing that twice when the TV price dropped.)

* Jf someone loses a power or other cord for their phone or tablet or computer, try the dollar stores, discount stores, and even the thrift store for replacement.

When you think of all the hours we spend in a lifetime in the bathroom, you’ll realize why fixing it up is a great idea!

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Try to create a spa-like atmosphere with pretty, fluffy towels, clean, fresh washcloths and hand towels. Because towels are so very inexpensive you can change them out often and even change color schemes or themes a few times a year.

Small bathrooms are fun to decorate on the cheap. Paint a wild or bright color and match towels and shower curtains.

A towel warmer makes a great Christmas gift for your love ones, and they’ll thank you all winter long for this cozy purchase.

It’s a matter of taste whether to add curtains to bathrooms, just keep in mind the ‘damp’ factor. Mini-blinds or shutters might be a better pick.

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