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The project held great appeal for Lisa Botticelli.

“It’s rare that you get to do a little building like this for owners interested in doing it well, Botticelli says. “With a building this small, you can think about every square inch.”

The design had to pass muster with the Historic District Commission, which it did easily because the Roses stayed true to the original footprint. The couple was not interested in “making a statement” with the cottage, but they did want to be comfortable while enjoying its charm.

Tlie Roses felt strongly about preserving the interior plank walls and exposed beams of rough-sawn lumber i.e., wood that has not been planed and is thicker than conventional “dressed” boards. Thus, rigid insulation had to be layered on the exterior and resheathed, and then the wood-shingle siding had to be put back on. (Note: A new energy code put into effect in Massachusetts since that time no longer allows this technique, which only accommodates four inches of insulation.)

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Natural materials factored into the renovation. Many homes today use medium-dcnsity

White and bright blues pair together nicely along with abundant windows and doors to get a beachy vibe.

The Roses’ kitchen is small and practical. They often will take the food outside to grill on their large deck when family comes by.

Light-toned rugs hide sand trekked in from outside and pet hair from wet dogs. fiberboard (MDF), an engineered product rhat can be grooved ro mimic headboard. It is installed in sheets that don’t respond to moisture by expanding, contracting, or cracking the way wood does. Many people consider that an advantage, but the Roses wanted the home to age naturally, so they’ used only wood in the renovation.

“The home celebrates the use of materials, Botticelli says. She recommended fir lor the floors, because it is a little soft underfoot. A high-gloss finish creates a polished modern look. For the interior trims and moldings, the architect chose poplar a smooth, fine-grained wood that takes paint well.

The whole interior walls, vaulted ceilings, exposed-brick fireplaces in the master bedroom and living room was painted white. Cheerful blue fabrics and the Roses’ blue bottle collection pair nicely with white for a beachy ambiance, while artwork throughout the cottage provides pops of color. The kitchen is pint-size and practical, just right lor two. (The couple often takes food outside to grill when family conies by.) English-looking brass plumbing was selected to fit the down-to-earth style.

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