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The magic of nature And while dreaming, don’t forget the magic of nature. The smallest enjoyable experiences in your day can lighten up your mood and your stress levels. To a certain extent this can be catered for if you create the right environment. Like when you see a duck outside your kitchen window (far away from any lakes) enjoying your stunning water feature, or the kookaburra that now regularly visits after your frequent summer barbecues where dad kept leaving sausage on the metal sculpture (!) to attract those meat-eating Aussie birds. Have the vision and build the space to create the right environment for you and your family. Salon interior design ideas Lay solid foundations A chef will tell you its the eye that eats the food first, but its the depth of flavour, aroma and a dash of culture that brings it all together. So think big. Your landscape is a lot more important than just being there to please the eye … it is the foundation of your future experiences, the binding ingredient that will provide the base for every sweet moment to be enjoyed and savoured. This article was written by Sean Dowling of Bayon Gardens ( on behalf of Landscaping Victoria (

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