Hello my name’s Abby we are the fire girls and today we are showing you a super affordable way to DIY your own laptop and phone skins this is a hundred percent customizable which means that it meets agree in age and it would make a really good gift yes, and we wanted to get a huge thank you to graphic shops for sponsoring this post finding a high quality image could be the hardest part of this tutorial. But using a stock website like the graphic stock will mean that you can find a high quality image I would haven’t discussed through all the ones that don’t print well I know. Because you do not want it takes elite mint on your laptop not cute class to get started head to graphics talk on flash future or click the link below to browse with us and get downloading check it you can even select a 7-day free trial this is what we’re talking about so on graphic stocks you can choose to search for wherever your heart desires they have more than three hundred two thousand images which includes photos graphics and vectors to see it tons of variety we actually looked at their featured success a dream inspired collection for a lot of today’s inspo okay so now checking out some of the materials that we’re going to need we picked up these printable vinyl sheets at the craft store we don’t want to make sure you buy printable vinyl sheets.


Because not all vinyl can be printed on we’re going to start with how to DIY the laptop skin now our sheet of vinyl will fit over the entire size of the laptop we’re going to have to split the image over two sheets of vinyl this sounds a little bit more difficult than the phone case since that can you spend on one sheet of vinyl. But I swear these are both super easy to do we measured the laptop and created a new Photoshop doc of that size next we place the graphic self image we want to go with and then added a guide halfway through our campus we then select in half of the image right click and chose layer via cut and now you have two sides that we printed on two separate pages we created a new document the size of our printable vinyl sheet which happens to be eight and a half by eleven copy half of your image onto this new doc and save as a tip and then print making sure that you’re printing at a hundred percent scale so everything’s right size repeat this for the other half of your image and make sure your paper is loaded before you press print we may have made a mistake cool.

So you have both halves of your image printed onto vinyl and now using exact lines in a ruler to cut off the strip where the images want to connect so the insides of the image cut as straight as you can so our skin will look like it’s one cohesive piece in the end in comes the contact paper this is what’s going to seal the physical vinyl and make the whole thing look like it’s one cohesive piece before we start applying the contact paper we actually taped our images on to earth surface that we knew, if you lined up perfectly down the middle actually peel back one side of our contact paper and slowly started applying it to the image rub your fingers the way in which you’re pulling off the backing to make sure you don’t trap any air bubbles okay we’re done with this for now next grab your paper and pencil and double side tape your paper choose the device you’re looking to apply the skin to this is a technique we learned while we are studying at the fine institution of kindergarten so lightly rub over your logos edges and any details you want to cut out or define once I found we taped our guide onto our vinyl and got to it with our exacto knife there was any smaller portions or logos before cutting out your edges which is kind of the opposite way than we did it you only really need to do this step, if you’re going to cut out details or logos or like rounded edges otherwise you can just use the measurement that you already created in Photoshop oh my god wha look how freaking good this looks it looks so professional and now we just have to apply it since we have two sheets we’re going to start with the center. So that our logos lined up perfectly and then work our way out rubbing outwards as we go we beat this to the other side and you are done by the way this is totally temporary and will peel off very easily all right want to learn how to make a phone skin this is super easy.

Because all you need is punching the vinyl by the way we’ll also link some of our favorite images that we found on graphic stock as well as the ones that we did end up using in this post the little for you in Photoshop and created a new job besides that we wanted our phone skin to be you place our chosen graphic stuff image resize it and then actually cropped it so that, when we copy the layer over to our new and a half by 11 document it would only copy the phone skin shape and not the whole image from there you want to save it as it is princess 100% scale onto your printable vinyl sheet then we apply our contact paper on top create the guide this time focusing on the flash in the camera versus the logo cut out the guide and then follow the guide with your exacto knife we just cut out a rectangle for the flash flash camera area studying at the top of the phone we slowly peels back the vinyl and here it by pushing in the same direction no air bubbles here people hope you guys liked that tutorial I can’t believe how easy it was and how great they look in the end also just a note, if you guys don’t want to use Photoshop you can print out the image that you found on the vinyl just as is and use the guide to figure out what size you need it to be instead of measuring that Photoshop you just need to use Photoshop, if you want to figure out the exact size of the image before you print or, if you need to print across multiple sheets of paper yes and also again a huge thank you to graphic stock response for this post and totally inspiring us to tackle these DIY skins do the reminder that below is going to link some of our favorite images as well as the ones that we used in this post. So that you can get them too and make sure you click down there. So you can start to seven day free trial so do it are you guys so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure that you like it, if you loved it make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time bye my whole life .

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