Set in stone Bali home design

This house perches on the steep slope of Pecatu Hill in Uluwatu, overlooking the countryside and the Indian Ocean. These views are particularly breathtaking from the roof-top swimming pool (see above). When Italian architect and designer Giuseppe Verdacchi came upon this unique place, he immediately saw the significance not only of the location but also the site: this was an old limestone quarry that had been extracted for centuries by the locals. The traditional method of cutting the stone with saws and chisels had left beautiful intricate geometric patterns on the rock face; these now form part of the backdrop of the house. The objectives of the whole architectural project were to preserve the original strong character of the site as well as to integrate the new building into the environment such that the house became almost invisible from below.

This relaxation area is set against white palimanan flooring and features an adjustable sofa with royal blue upholstery, designed and handmade by the architect, and an old Dutch fridge and travel trunk used as a coffee table.

The interiors were designed around the bold beauty of the back limestone walls. In the spacious living area, there are striking contrasts of perspectives, shapes and materials. A medley of different textures in the bathrooms blends well together to bring about smooth, cool fusion. Elsewhere, the skilful mix and match of natural woods, stone and antique pieces bring about a sense of elegant abundance. Overall, this is an environment in which no detail is overlooked.

The rectangular shapes of wooden tabletop and lava stone supports and the high-backed chairs are particularly grounding in this cool, airy and luminous verandah. The elegant sobriety of the furnishings and decorative elements are skilfully complemented by the colour scheme of black, brown, grey and ivory.The marble-like quality of limestone- its strength, porosity and translucence-forms the unique beauty of the back walls in the living area. Here the original limestone rock face has been skillfully hewn polished, and highlighting its texture are the natural light and a small waterfall. The effect is intriguing as the outside becomes a part of the inside. The architectural design within is simple: the dark wood used in the roof and ivory stone in the flooring provide a classic setting. An imposing central ivory stone column reinforces the strong character of the room, while also grounding the eloquent furnishings-made of black Java stone and teak-and fascinating accessories. Most of the furniture pieces and decorative objects have been custom designed by Verdacchi himself, and artfully arranged to set off the intrinsic intensity of the place.

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