Ah lock it in baby dude this is so hard hi everyone my name’s Abby now and we’re and as you guys know we like to DIY our entire lives and prom season is coming up.

So we thought it would be a really fun challenge to see, if we could DIY our own hair and makeup for prom even though we’re much older than prom I know a lot of you guys are still going so those might be interesting for you anyways or any kind of special event even I mean wedding is like a different a different game we’re trying to figure out is it worth it to get your hair and makeup done by professional or, if you should just DIY it coming from two people that I like hate doing my own hair makeup I do the same thing from our makeup everyday so while I’m good at that one thing like trying to do anything else is like I don’t know definitely not experts over here so hopefully some of you can relate to our experience level so what we’re gonna do is Becky’s gonna get her makeup done I’m gonna get my hair done we’re going to pick out what we think we want for our special event slash prom we’re going to go get it done by professionals and then afterwards we’re going to recreate that look on our own and you can tell us who you think did better did you think it was worth it for us to spend all that money to get it done we can tell you our thoughts, when we’re done. But first let’s pick out our dream look on the good old Pinterest yes ladies, if you look so good I’m like gonna do this I guess we definitely should do some kind of like updo updo down do side do sensing a trend here it’s like nude eyes with a really good eyeliner oh god I suck at braids. But they’re so pretty oh my goodness there’s like 80 of the same picture all of a sudden definitely don’t want anything too Bridal like all these are so photoshopped to that it’s like already unfair dad face tuned Oh how do I get a view let’s a do these can I just pick a ponytail I’m thinking something like this this seems like a little bit like it’s fancy. But I could probably do it or get somewhere close okay I think that this is the one kind of whimsical plus a braid don’t even know what kind of braid that is.


But I think I could tackle this one I guess let’s head to the salon all right on our way to the mall and out excited I’m not excited log this is supposed to take them an hour and a half for yours are you kidding me 45 minutes to an hour for mine. So I think City Barbican look good hopefully hopefully not that good. So that my attempt at it doesn’t look so bad in comparison. But a crimper oh my god 80s okay god Julie’s Abby to keep getting our hair done.

And I’m going to get my makeup done okay so this is what I’m thinking to get done this is more makeup than I think I will ever own in my lifetime. But I’m excited about it okay he’s done he’s looking fab she said I’m ready for my wedding. And I was like did you go a little bit too formal on this okay we’re done and looking so extra for the middle of the day on a week in him also like I have my hair and you your face I know we’re both missing half of something here I do back to the office and model these for you yeah this is how the final looks turned out minds like even kind of already coming apart already mine looks so extra that I don’t know what I’m gonna do how much did yours classy Becky $50 $50 and free product honestly guys that is like such a freakin steal yours was what like 120 bucks and you got all you got was some free bobby pins yeah a lot of free bobby pins let’s try and/or recreate these now yeah all right let’s get this out the easy way all right DIY time oh I honestly don’t know much about anything about hair I do know that I should probably since I really sit here add some kind of like texture and volume. So that everything sticks and stays and looks better.

So I have this like volumizing powder so awkward doing something that you don’t know how to do in front of people I don’t know, if you can tell. But I put some texture in there oh yeah this will be easier to do my hair now it’s put in some extensions I’m definitely not gonna do as many as she did also low-key don’t have a comb so these are my fancy hair extensions from Nicki, when she did the post with us my plan is to honestly just like put the extension my hair and curl my hair like I’m just gonna do my hair as, if I’m having a curly hair day and then just like put it up in a bun okay. So we have some curly hair going on I have one is that crazy let’s try it I’m trying to be authentic to the photo yes work a little sock bun is it a thing yeah dude this is so hard okay so now I’m just gonna take like these other pieces that I have and kind of like wrap them around I feel like I should figure out where I want this braid to go I may need another one of these babies you are the braid be the braid again no comb I feel like they used a fancy braid. But I don’t know how to fancy braid I also don’t have fancy those like clear things yeah okay anybody else did you guys have the braces are you need to wear the elastics and did you use those hair those elastics for your braces as hair elastics let me know.

Because me they don’t have a thin unless we can use the thinnest elastic I have we’re making it messy Oh annyeong messina throwback messy make it messy guys so let’s bring this in y’all yeah now you seem to like these back in I feel like I just want to curl some of these pieces that are out which I want them to be out. But I just want them to be purposefully out lock it in baby I’m gonna be dancing all night at prom stay stay stay stay stay I’ll show you guys what the final looks like and compare it to the salon and our inspo photo and you guys can tell me how you think I already have the hair extensions I didn’t buy anything else I didn’t buy any hair accessories. And I didn’t buy any more bobby pins I just kind of used what I had this cost me $0 and it took about honestly maybe an hour tops and that’s half as long as it took up a salon okay let’s go temp this. So we are gonna try and get something close to this picture with what I have and the skills that I have and wish me luck I don’t have anything here aside from what I use normally anyways except for some fake eyelashes I feel like in the photo and, when the girl is in it for me and, if I was going out from anyways that I’d put a lot more like foundation on that I do normally I usually don’t wear foundation relates work concealer.

But you want to look good in photos so I’ll probably just go although you guys want to know anything I’m using in this post you should check out the post I did where I talked about, if my makeup was cruelty free or not. And I went through my makeup bag and most of the stuff is the same except for the few things I has a real place get it I have the world’s tiniest brushed up on this out wait wait let’s just do the fingers good old finger I went to Sephora once and she told me to seize my fingers I went to Sephora once so I’m a makeup artist now she has like a super good contour. Because I feel like there’s potential to mess this up the eyeshadow I’m gonna do that next this is gonna be the hardest part for real. Because her eyes just looks so good yeah I already getting a little nervous never use anything dark in this palette ever it’s kind of always the money today’s the daddy is it all I know is the key to good makeup is to just blend really well and you can’t really go wrong I know another thing that was that lashes save everything you kind of mess up and you put a lash on top of it it’s fine oh that feels like too much just caught it a fight with some guy down the street oh good luck such a beauty guru right now just stamping the eyeshadow also I apologize that my mouth is open this entire time I can’t do makeup and not make that silly face that’s Connor just looking like I have like dude like guys anyone is like actually a makeup artist and reading this they’re probably cringing so hard okay where’s our did I like half did my skin.

Because then I moved on to ours I’m gonna finish that and then lashes I almost died blend blend blend your face gently down your neck I have pink eye shadow is the craziest idea to like use that as wash it’s the closest thing to pink we got yeah okay highlighter let’s definitely got it like a ton of that on mmm-hmm contour didn’t go well it’s fine just put some highlighter on top I think it’s good yeah now got glue all over the end how do I get get there yeah really gets for sure or not as good as the makeup artist one. Because, when I shoot it that one on me my skin looked actual like plastic okay I’m gonna put my hair up and then we will compare the two look this one cost me I mean I guess eight dollars in fake lashes. But really it cost me nothing and to get it done and professionally with fifty dollars the good D let’s go get it done. But it still did cost me money versus doing it myself.

So you tell us who did it better. So we’re ready for prom how do you think we did I think I did it too dark I think it’s not bad it’s not bad at all. And I guess the big thing is is this possible for a prom or a night out like is it good enough. And I think definitely I wear this out that looks awesome Thanks and is it worth it.

So I came through the collective decision I think it’s totally fine to do your own hair I think it’s possible from somebody who doesn’t really do hair at all I was able to hack it together. And I’m sure you could try different hairstyles that you might be more comfortable with too especially for the price that you paid in the time it took to go we had it done it was intensive and took a long time you Mau you go to Sephora and spend there all the time like you can get a free makeover it just it makes way too much sense so hair I would DIY and makeup I would maybe try to get it done by professional thank you guys so much for reading this post, if you like stuff like this tune in to Thursday’s we do these weird trials go do things and, if you like it let us know in the comments below, and we also have more problems. So I think we’re gonna do a prom thrift flip which was requested it’s been requested for a couple of years now. So we’re gonna talk about this year and this episode is actually pretty similar to our 30 versus 300 or something versus 300 type DIYs so, if you like saving money on a swag we can link some below you can check those out as well, if you guys like this post make sure you go to like and, if you love it make sure you stop it Ashley can put this in the bloopers cause it scared chair ok Google how do you brain okay Google stop hey Google hey Google just really wants to tell us.

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