Shower Floor Ideas

Shower Floor Ideas

Stencil designs

There is a comprehensive range of ready-tc use stencil designs on the market a ever-expanding range or you can cut yoi own. Some designs will require little bric; ing struts to hold the stencil together yc have to paint in the area covered by the stru after the design has been applied. You c mix and match elements from differe designs; transfer them into a sketchpost fii to see how they will look. It is often user to do a scale drawing of a design at a mo comfortable size before blowing it up on photocopier to the desired size.

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The purpose of registration is to ensure th the stencil is always placed where it is meaj to be and that the second colour is applic in the correct position relative to the firs Draw guidelines in pencil on the floor fir? For a border, mark a line the required di tance from the skirting board around tl room and place the stencil against it as yc proceed. An overall pattern will require grid to keep the stencils correctly spaced.

Registration can be aided by pencillir little marks on the floor corresponding wii the exact location of the stencil for eac colour; make sure all the stencils are the san size. Ensure that a repeat border has at lea one and a half repeats to help with registr, tion, or trace the first design over the secor stencil card and match it up at the edges i the painted stencil. Sometimes viewir windows cut in the card are a help.

Cutting the stencil

Stencils need to be waterproof and robus Oiled card has the advantage of economy ar ready availability, but the easiest way of tran ferring a design onto stencil card is to u transtrace paper. Acetate, a thin clear plasti is more expensive than card and is not real suitable for intricate designs as it tends to cu up. It is very flexible, though, which meai that it bends willingly into awkward cornel unlike card. As acetate is transparent, makir sure that the second stencil has been place exactly over the first part of a design is eas And transferring the design onto the acetai

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