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IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD Inside 2. Bench on wheels! Fix lockable castors on the bottom of your island unit so you can move it out of the way when dinner is done. Check out how the team from BHG TV turned a transportable shell into this sweet set-up KITCHEN Here’s an overview of what this project will take. Simple interior design ideas For complete instructions, please refer to the project sheet (see left). You can pick up a flat-pack kitchen from selected hardware stores – they’re simple to put together and install. Gather your supplies Flat-pack cabinets, components and benchtops to suit Sink, taps, kitchen appliances 600 x 300mm tiles for splashback You’ll also need Drill; spirit level; clamps; 28mm chipboard screws; heavy-duty castors; masking tape; jigsaw fitted with laminate cutting blade; tile adhesive; 6mm notched trowel; 3 and 1.5mm tile spacers; tile cutter; angle grinder fitted with diamond blade; grout; silicone sealant Here’s how STEP 1 Assemble cabinets according to manufacturer’s instructions. STEP 2 Join cabinets and install. Adjust legs to make level and plumb. Screw to walls. Add castors to bottom of kitchen island. STEP 3 Cut and install benchtops. Use jigsaw to cut holes for sink and cooktop. Fit wraparound benchtop to island, cupboard doors and drawer fronts. STEP 4 To tile splashback, cut tiles as required. Spread adhesive on back of tiles and use spacers to create gap between tile and benchtop. Grout between tiles and silicone between benchtop and tiles. 3. Separate your living and cooking zones with an island that moves to expand the living area.

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