Simple window dressing

Simple window dressing

This house is on the edge of a sizeaole town, but a relaxed outdoor feeling is achieved by exploiting views of the garden. The windows are unadorned except for a miniature echo of the street outside, arranged on the architrave.

Country comes to town

This house sits in the heart of London, but it has a decidedly rural air – created by an autumnal palette of polished wood and russet carpet, masses of dried • flowers and the elderly Bargello tapestry that covers the chair. would eschew a discreet and blessedly functional dishwasher in favour of a Belfast sink and washing suds. A sense of relaxed calm is the look to aim for, so whatever makes the day-to-day business of life less onerous should be welcomed.

Above all, a country look is user-friendly. It has to do with open door and windows, bringing the outdoors in with great bunches of lilac or spring blossom or scarlet and green Christmas wreaths. Mud and rain and dust, armfuls of roses, baskets of earthy vegetables, dogs, children and visitors, all bring something of the outside in. So the general sense is of welcome, warmth and tolerance.

A room with a view

If you have a spectacular view, exploit it. The owners of this ground-floor bedroom have installed French windows that can be thrown open to frame a glorious expanse of countryside. Together with the classically-inspired semicircular window, they fill the room with light and air.

A screen stops mosquitoes and other undesirables entering at night.

Making an exit Country homes have a liberating feeling of spaciousness because of their easy access to the outside world. This door invites you to step into a meadow with a froth of golden flowers. The owners of this home have also made the roof into an outdoor sitting space, where they can revel in spectacular views from the comfort of a glazed sun room.

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