Sitting Room Decor

Sitting Room Decor

Think decluttering is a tedious business? Not quite. There are simple ways of removing the clutter from your home, which wouldn’t take up more than half an hour (or less!) of your time. The trick is to spread the process throughout the week and once you’re done, you’ll immediately notice a significant change both in the appearance and energy of your home.

Shall we get started?

Start with your closet. While getting ready for the day, peruse through your racks. In a single glance, you should be able to tell which of your clothes are getting the least mileage. Move those to the side. Repeat the same with your shoes, purses and accessories. It is likely that there’s something off about these items; whether it be that they’re uncomfortable and simply not your style. So instead of holding onto them, pack everything up and either sell or give them away.

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Now move to the living room and do the same thing with your blogs, magazines and stacks of other things you don’t really need a lot of or use often. Most of the time, people hoard these things because they think there’s some use for them in the future while in the present, it’s simply eating up space. Pack those away and decide which ones to sell and which ones to give away.

Decluttering the kitchen can be a bit trickier, but it can be done. Check for expiration dates on the food in your pantry and in the fridge. Often, many of these would simply go to waste because you didn’t get to consume them in time. Also, look for broken things. If they’re no longer fixable or useful, time to sell or throw them away.

Remind yourself that you don’t need a whole lot of stuff in your house. If there are things that you can do without or have multiples of, it’s time to give some away. It might be difficult to part with it, but once you do, it’s as if you’ve lifted a weight off of the space itself.

Have you been stowing away things in boxes for years and years hoping they’ll come into use one day? There won’t be a time for that and other people might find better use for it so start donating the boxes. A good deed and a clutter-free house all in one day!

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