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The basin delta

Bathroom vanities can make a major statement – both with regards to the aesthetics of the room, as well as the way it is used. When choosing your bathroom vanity, you will need to decide on cabinetry, basins and of course, what kind of countertop you prefer. Here is an overview to get you acquainted with the basics.

The cabinetry conundrum

Bathroom cabinetry is comparatively new to the bathroom space – it only started to be introduced in a mainstream way in the mid 1960s. It has evolved over the years, to become a staple in any well designed bathroom space, and it is easy to understand why – it not only provides much-needed storage, but it also serves to hide any unsightly plumbing, it offers users convenient countertop space when performing their ritual morning or evening bathroom tasks, and from an aesthetic vantage point, it really adds the finishing touch for a truly polished end result. Today, there are a number of trends driving bathroom cabinetry and influencing how it looks and how it functions. The most popular ones include:

Updated laminates are very popular at the moment – the new styles are a world away form the cheap and nasty laminates used for cabinetry in the past. The most popular laminates today are high-gloss, brightly coloured laminates, ideal for block colouring, as well as laminates that emulate genuine timber. With regards to the latter, the manufacturing technology has evolved to such an extent, that you really can’t tell the difference between genuine solid wood and laminate timber cabinetry, it just comes in at a much more affordable price.

Floating vanities remain ever in vogue offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, as well as being ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. The floating effect of these vanities creates the illusion of added space, as they do not break the visual line of sight on the bathroom floor.

Vertical cabinetry is another major trend – it serves to offer cabinetry space in small or awkward areas, or to stand in for bathrooms with floating vanities that don’t offer enough storage space.

Bathroom furniture is the new term for cabinetry that does not necessarily look like traditional vanities, but rather like furniture that would be used in the rest of the home.

These pieces will have added detailing, trim and feature hardware, which gives the unit a lived-in, non-standard vanity look.

Frameless cabinetry’s lack of a face frame makes it easier to access the contents of the drawers, and also allows for the construction of larger drawers for more storage. Its seamless aesthetic is great for contemporary and modern bathrooms alike.

Integrated handles are making an enormous comeback from the ’70s, especially in contemporary and modern cabinetry designs.

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