Sitting room design

A century-old press belonging to a firm in Northern Ireland was used to print the wallpapers, reproducing the hand-printed quality that Boyd Harte insisted should be a feature of the collection. I’ve always consciously gone for the finest fabrics and papers. By having the designs printed by this chosen firm, we’ve been able to combine the best aspects of traditional printing methods with up-to-the-minute lazer-scanning to cut the design into the rollers.’ The final arbiter, of course, is public response. The Originals’ collection is now available from leading decorators. Details can be obtained from Dolphin Studio, 103 Honeywell Road, London SW11 (tel: 01-228 3731)

Sitting room design Photo Gallery

Sitting room design_3.jpgSitting room design_7.jpgSitting room design_4.jpgSitting room design_10.jpgSitting room design_8.jpgSitting room design_11.jpg

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