Sitting Room Designs

Sitting Room Designs

Always label your storage boxes. If you’re keeping them in cupboards or closets, this would save you a lot of time and allow you to get what you need with ease. It would also be more aesthetically pleasing if you keep the boxes similarly colored.

Keep your work desk neat. Have storage boxes where you can keep all of your supplies and only leave the most basic and oft-used ones on your table. A clear desk breeds creativity.

Relaxation. Of course, this is very important when it comes to Feng Shui. For one, it produces good energy both in the individual and the space they’re in. It’s not difficult to achieve either as long as you remember a few key points.

The TV and the computer shouldn’t be in clear view. If you have a way of “hiding” them, always do so whenever they’re not in use. Make sure any wires connected to it are hidden as well.

Always fix your bed in the morning. This should make it more inviting come the evening and can actually help you sleep better. Never have more than the basics on your nightstand. Anything that might clutter it should be stowed away.

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