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Aside form the fact that your choice of basin needs to complement the rest of your sanitaryware and bathroom decor; it also needs to be an appropriate choice with To a large extent, the answer will dictate the shape, size and material of the basin regards to who will be using it. You need to you choose. For example, an above-counter basin will be most suitable for adult- determine whether the basin in question use, but it is not so practical for child users – where an inset or vanity basin might be will be used by adults, children or both? easier for small hands to access.

Also, if you experience “rush hour” in the mornings, you may want to consider adding a double vanity – a trend that has not only become a mainstay in most en-suite bathrooms today, but one that is fast seeping through to the second bathroom as well. In general, there are two basic types of basins, with various sub-categories in each, that you can choose from, these include:

Wall basin: The wall basin is fixed directly to the wall with brackets. As such, it does not require a vanity for installation. Wall basins are an ideal choice for bathrooms where space is at a premium. The look of a wall basin can be enhanced through the addition of a pedestal or a shroud:

Pedestals: An optional extra for wall basins, the pedestal sits between the basin and the finished bathroom floor. It does not lie flush with the wall, but there is a small gap between the pedestal and the wall behind. Although the pedestal does not support the basin in any way, they are great at concealing unsightly basin plumbing.

Shrouds: Offering the same function and installation as a basin pedestal, a basin shroud is different in that it is shorter in length and does not reach all the way to the bathroom floor.

Vanity basins: Designed to fit into or onto a variety of vanity counters, the vanity basin is not a standalone product, but rather designed to complement the vanity itself. There are a variety of different types of vanity basins, including:

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