Sitting Rooms Ideas

Sitting Rooms Ideas

It is not a quick way to get rich that would guarantee a sudden, mystical change in your fortune by simply moving around pieces of furniture.

It is more than just moving around pieces of furniture. There is a real science to how Feng Shui works.

It is not based on superstition, not magic nor a New Age fad that would actually disconnect you from reality and have you change your beliefs in order to make it work.

It is not a sect or a religion.

It is not something that only the rich can afford.

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So now that we have some of the common myths debunked and out of the way, here are a few key information to help you better understand what Feng Shui is and how it can affect you.

The simplest way of describing Feng Shui would be “the interaction between an individual and his or her environment”. Now, taking things a step further, Feng Shui can also be defined as a means for you to harness and influence the energies around usin order to accomplish certain improvements in your life. How? By designing your surroundings to be in complete harmony with the natural energy flow in your living or working space.

It is also typically referred to as “the art of placement”. One of the basic ideas that work behind it would be that how and where you place yourself, possessions and furniture within your environment influence your life experience at varying levels. In this sense, it becomes a way of looking at your environment and yourself in a unique way and how these two things can help bring in more comfort, positivity, balance and harmony into your life.

With that said, it is also the study of the relationship between the environment and the quality of an individual’s life. First discovered by the Chinese, they have practiced and applied this philosophy to their daily living. From designing the exterior and interior of a home, to choosing the right site for important buildings. All of which are done in an effort to further enhance, not just harmony, but also success.

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