Hey guys and welcome to our Princess Aurora a DIY Halloween costume I think it turned out really great, if you don’t know Ora is from Sleeping Beauty so here is how we made this so what you’re going to do is start by measuring yourself you’re going to need to measure from just your best line to however long you want to be and your actual bust and you’re going to take the length and you’re going to make the long side of a rectangle and the width is going to be your best size divide it in half – three inches you’re going to all these measurements aren’t inches just. Because it’s we’re using a spandex material please use spandex and then that way it’ll stretch it will fit you then you’re just going to pin the fabric and cut out your rectangle alright so now you’re just going to do the hips we just cut it a little sliver as you can see in the icon there and just to get your hip shape and that it’s not baggy around your hips and, when you’re done it should look like that and you can also turn up that chin just so it’s a little bit more smooth and it’s going to look like that well hopefully the icons can help you out a little bit mm-hmm and then you’re just going to sew down the two sides that you’re going to end up with like a tube dress type thing with a hole in the top and bottom so now we’re going to make the white pointy part which we made out of white foam we got it from a fabric store. But you can just use craft foam. So we cut out this kind of shape I don’t exactly know what it’s called.


But we have a little icon showing you what shape is like so cut out something like that and pin it along your your fabric just as kind of like a stencil and this is going to wrap all the way around your shoulders so just trace the stencil that you made and so you’ve done that then you can just cut it out and this is kind of what the shape that we’re going for it looks like it’s kind of like a half circle that’s been squished so, when you’re done it looks like this and you’re going to find the center of the back of your dress and that’s where we’re going to sew the back of the pointy shoulders too so once you find the center of your back find the center of your foam shape and you can pin them together to help hold it in place while you sew it so just make sure that, when you sell it you’re only sewing a couple inches. So that it can bend so, when you have the back sewn you’re going to find the middle of the front and you should have your shoulders looking like this by now and you’re going to find the middle that’s not the middle Abby that’s the middle and then you’re going to line it up and we’re going to scrunch that later. But for now you’re just going to hold it in place while we shape the shoulders so she has pointy shoulders so the way we made this effect is we pin the shoulders just together so it kind of came to a point instead of being so round so, when you are done pinning the shoulders they should both look like that you just put that in focus. So you can see and you’re just going to sew a line down the shoulders so it’s really quick all the way down to make it pointy or than it is so, when Sam’s gonna look like that and now we’re going to fix the front.

So we’re going to do a gather in the middle of the front so, if you don’t know how to do this you just do a running stitch up about maybe an inch two inches tall and then, when you can pull it all together it’s going to make that nice gathered effect mix sweetheart neckline yeah that’s how we make our sweetheart neckline and then we’re also going to add the edges of your shoulders now you’re just going to sew them on so it’s all centered and, when it’s done it’s going to look like that so now to make that Princess Aurora crown what you’re going to need is some gold cardboard or bristol board a black headband some scissors a sharpie some glue and a stencil that you can find on our blog which will be linked in the description below so just cut out the shape of the crown and trace that onto the back of your gold paper and cut it out so it’s done your gold card should match the stencil that we have and then just draw a line down the center of the crown. Because we’re going to fold it to make a nice little dent in the crown like she has so just fold your crown in half to look like that now you’re just going to glue it to a black headband it’s really good to get one of those ones that that kind of curves at the end. So you can stick it into your hair and once you’re done it should look like that and now to make the aurora necklace you’re going to need some more gold card some scissors and a stencil that you can also find on our blog linked below so what you’re going to do is cut out the stencil that we’ve provided and lay it down on the gold card and just trace it out notice how we added a little slit line and you’re going to cut it out and then, when you cut it out just cut a little slit at the back. So you can wrap it around your neck so the finished look looks like this, and we added a blonde wig.

Because Becky isn’t blonde and for the gloves um you can get the link in the description of where to buy them and we’ll show you how to make them look like this so what you do is you take a pencil and you’re going to draw a line from your middle finger to like the corners of your hand and that make sense for your hand starts and all the way around basically cutting out the whole palm and you can take it off and do that or get a friend and then you’re going to take a piece of elastic or hair elastic any little small elastic and either glue it into a circle, if it’s not already in one and then put glue on the edge of the finger, and we just rolled it under so it would stay hollow hot glue and it looks like that and, when you’re done it looks like that and to finish it off we just got a pink tutu which you can find in the link that we provide below for you and this is what it should look like, when it’s done thanks guys for reading our Princess Aurora costume you can find our other Disney princess looks here or you can watch our Halloween playlist of all past costumes that we’ve made thanks you.

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