Small Apartment Ideas IKEA

Small Apartment Ideas IKEA

I am Vivian and, I’m dominic and, we live in San Francisco and, I have a lot of things we live together in this small one-bedroom in-law unit it’s almost like a studio. Because the space is. So small we’re constantly moving things around very uncomfortable this feels like. I’m still in the process of moving even though I’ve been here for four months at least and, still feels like the first few weeks of when you move into a home just the furniture is a little bulky unorganized and, nothing matches that’s a little bit stressful.

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I’ll be studying she’s trying to prepare dinner. So I need to move my books around. So she can use half my death to start cutting up some vegetables onions think if he could yeah but it’s always my fault for being in her way. Because she’s cooking dinner for both of us having this makeover is really important to me. Because I just moved here starting a life with him and, it’d be nice to have a space that suits our needs at this time. So we just need some solutions some ideas. I’m going to make it a little more efficient a little a little bit less stressful when you get home we could put stuff away and, then get on with our day instead of trying to shuffle around. I’m just really excited to see things that actually fit in this space in retrospect I don’t even know how I was in that other room for four months or whatever I was there for it almost things like that dungeon compared to this I already see improving my quality of life in these last few days that island is life changer like I can do.

So much more stuff on there now not only tinnitus. But I can work on that I learned well Dominic said is death there’s. So much more surface area now it’s unbelievable thing I loved it it opened up a lot more counter space everything that was stored on the counter now goes underneath the island and, there now there’s even rails behind the thing. So we don’t have silverware or knives or and, on the counter either. So we actually have the entire counter plus islands used when I come home it’s a lot more relaxing especially now saying primal I knew it was stressful from before. But I don’t know is how much of my brainpower that Terry being sustainable is really important from education and, also now Michael right this new lighting is this watts of energy. So bold. So overall there’s nine in place and, it uses less than the three bulbs we had in fix originally it’s a small space but the uses of like quadrupled Dominic has his own studying spaces a kitchen area now there’s a living area despite this being it’s the same small area that’s to have the right pieces from your right place and, you can have all the elements of a larger health system or tighter area and, it works. I’m not ashamed of my face and, I actually want people to come over and, see it and, enjoy it. So. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

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