Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

Flat or Dull Paint Finish

One other kind of finish may bedescribed, and that is the perfectly flat or dull paint finish. The sequence of coats and formulae for this is exactly as described for work that is to be varnished, finishing, of course, with the final coat of paint, which is a dull one. The appear-fig. 41. painting a window sash with a ance of this finishing

This method of holding the brush is parti- ?°at.1S much improved cularly convenient when the underneath side of if it IS Stippled lmmedl-a horizontal surface has to be painted. atdy after application and while still quite wet. Or, alternatively, a flat finish can be obtained in enamel by substituting a flat enamel for the more usual glossy variety. Such flat enamels are obtainable at any good paint stores.

Mixing and Preparing Paints

The whole of the processes of mixing and preparing the paints mentioned above are described in Chapter Five, and the right ways of choosing and applying varnish are set forth in Chapter Fourteen.

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