Small Apartment Living Room Decorating

Small Apartment Living Room Decorating


OF all the parts of a house that require painting from time to time the front entrance door is generally the most prominent.

It welcomes the caller and speeds the parting guest, and, therefore, it has to stand a frequent and close inspection. Let us suppose that the time has come for repainting and that the householder has decided to tackle the job himself.

How shall he proceed?

Getting Ready

The first thing to do is to remove the door fittings; the knob, letter-box cover, -yfa knocker, etc. and put them safely away. It is a great mistake to try to paint a door with these fittings in position, and in the majority of cases it is quite easy to remove them the method rlG- burning off old paint from moulding.

When dealing with curved or hollow mouldings and 01 aomg SO Deing the fine recesses use the shave-hook. The paint will obvious on ex- probably need rather more softening than that on the broad parts. The mouldings should, therefore, be animation. tackled first.

Preparing for Painting

If the door has only been painted once and the surface is in good condition, entirely free from cracks, blisters or other defects, it may be safe to proceed without removing the old paint and varnish.

In that case the door should be dry – dusted and then washed down with water, in which a little common soda has been dissolved. This must be thoroughly washed off with clean water and then the rubbing down can proceed.

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