Small Bedroom Ikea Ideas

Small Bedroom Ikea Ideas
So oh what’s this and, that’s it you create your own like little winter wonderland what are these a little mystery box bread cookie over here oh you know what it’s more of these they’re not put together yet yeah you just popped in the other some that oh yes. I’m cool you want to put some cookies in there Oh got a little woodland creature Bailey oh thank you jinx nice go for it being like this right here you guys the fun of a craft is that you make it your own yeah. I’m get to do whatever you supervise it on trees mm-hmm have fun right are you guys having fun uh yeah. I’m gonna put a great thing about DIY is that you create an experience and, these are. So cute you could decorate them anywhere in your home on top of the mantle where would you decorate this in your home counter like when we’re not serving or probably in that we’ve got over the dining room table.

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I I’ll be really pretty yes especially for the kids rooms it’s nice for the kids to be able to decorate there are rooms too and, have it it festive yeah inside a room all right guys. So are you done you want to put this house in okay wait why don’t we all right guys oh that’s. So colorful yeah we’re all done here and, let’s see what the other guys are up to yeah thank you perfect job. So creative wait lookit you guys want to hold it up wait what’s that don’t all these gloves look. So cute super creative guys laughs look at this you had the same thing as me should we bring this over to Chris. So then you can take a look at this what’s up to see what daddy’s up to right thanks Ann and, I hope Santa knows that that organic coffee gift basket is totally my kind of thing anyway we received. So many requests from all of the comments from you guys on YouTube and, on Facebook and, we’re finally ready to reveal which song Sam will be performing Oh what songs.

I should say but first Sam do you have any tips for putting together the perfect holiday party list like Oh obviously the music you played a party is super-important it sets the tone it sets the mood and, what’s great about Christmas music is that it’s. So iconic everyone knows. So many of these songs that it just immediately gets you into that like holiday spirit to hear it. So I would say having like a mix of the old standards the classics everyone knows winter wonderland let’s go with some of the newer sort of popular Christmas stuff like some some Mariah Carey some I have a Christmas single called keep you warm but. I’m gonna be playing later. So I think yeah something for everyone is important oh I don’t know yeah just throw the mix in there no problem yeah. So I think it is time for you to sing are you ready I think. I’m as ready as. I’m gonna be okay yeah cuz you don’t know what you’re singing yeah I don’t know yeah this will be exciting okay. So the first one is from Jill okay and, Jill says that she wants to hear silver bells silver bells is my favorite as what she says R&B silver bells an R&B okay are you a classic R&B version of silver bells we’re making this up on the spot people.

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