Small bedroom interior design

Nicholas Crawley is now the commercial development director of Dolphin Studio. Glynn Boyd Harte the design director and Joanna Holcroft, formerly with Charles Hammond, is managing director. Originally the plan had been to open a shop selling a full range of decorative household items. But they decided that instead of doing everything at once they would let the Studio grow organically. Boyd Harte’s current Originals’ collection is the first step. By the time we do open the shop, Dolphin Studio should have established its own definite style,’ he says. The Originals’ collection, while designed, no doubt, with his own house in mind, is no pastiche of traditional patterns. I wanted to get away from that nostalgic despond of heavy Victoriana and Edwardiana,’ he explains. The same clear, fresh colours that are a feature of his still-life and flower paintings recur in his fabrics. The eight exuberant floral patterns are complemented by a large table-cloth check in linen and a smaller version printed on cotton. The designs of the wallpapers and borders reflect his eclectic taste in furniture and decoration. The vibrantly-coloured life-size pansies scattered at random across one paper is partnered by a classical bamboo trellis design with its own matching border. Two other borders are based on classical designs, one taken from a Wedgwood motif used on porcelain, the other from an original document.

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