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Make some memories Your landscape project goes beyond a few nice design features to use and look at. What you create now will form the essence of the experiences felt and remembered for years to come, from your sons second birthday and your daughters 18th to long nights around the fire pit drinking and laughing What can a designer do? “A designer sees your properly, and your garden with fresh eyes. The first job is to identify problems, and solving these will be a major focus. You can put up with something for years and never notice, but a good designer will discover what’s wrong and nut out a clever, practical solution that changes the whole feel ol the place,” says Kalharina Russell, head of No Ordinary Garden. “They’ll ask what you are unhappy about and what you want to achieve. Is your garden to be an extension ol your living space, with somewhere to cook and eat and chill out with friends? Or is your dream a romantic garden with winding paths, a lose arbour, lily pond and some sculpture? “Your garden designer will match your wish list with your house, its aspect and the area where you live, and will weave your dreams and wants inlo a piacticai, tasteful work of art. Low maintenance is a high priority because the aim is to produce something you love. What’s more, your designed garden will make you feel different. You’ll arrive home from work tired and stressed, and relax in your own private oasis of calm and beauty,” concludes Katharina. Plants add depth and visual richness in this Jones Landscapes. Small home interior design ideas with mates and that outrageous pool party with memories you’ll never forget … and it was meant to be a quiet night! The basis of what you plan, how you think, what you act on now, can impact your future in many ways.

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