Small house feng shui decoration ideas


Career success will progress greatly for Tigers this November. The good fortune star will guide your work-related endeavors this month, but the major outcome may be seen within a period of six months.

On the other hand, relationships may be at stake.

You should be careful with your words, so as not to accidentally offend anyone.


Work becomes very fulfilling for Rabbits this month. You may expect good recognition at work from both your superiors and colleagues. While the Rabbit’s contributions at work will begin reaping benefits, you shouldn’t forget to express your gratitude to those who’ve helped you along the way.


Dragons will be popular among social circles this

November. Take advantage of the recognition star, which will be strong this month. Engage in quality time with friends and initiate gatherings with colleagues after work, as these may open more opportunities for Dragons.


November doesn’t look as promising for Snakes.

Small issues may eventually turn into bigger problems, but the key is to recognize trouble early on and deal with it as soon as possible. Make time to mingle with friends and reconnect with them, as they may also be of good help in solving problems.

Learn to invest, both in finances and in relationships, this November. It may not be evident now, but you will certainly make good use of your investments in the future. Horses are highly encouraged to go out, and socialize with friends and business partners.


It’s generally a good month for Sheep. Singles may have strong love luck to meet potential partners or good friends when you go out and socialize.


The illness star is with Monkeys this November, so it’s recommended that you fix your schedules and not be too drowned in work. Exercise is recommended, although in moderation, as they may only subject themselves to possible injury. You may also consider socializing at the gym to gain new friends and a good support group.


Plenty of activities are in store for Roosters this month. It’s advisable that you slow down, plan, and schedule well. Take through tasks one at a time and learn to focus, so as to not neglect anything. Also consider taking advice from subordinates, and try socializing with colleagues and friends.


Dogs must be on guard of legal matters, and you can do this by having everything credited and documented. Check deals and contracts twice before deciding.

When it comes to the workplace, remember to reward subordinates for their effort. Take the time to tell them that they did a good job.


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