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FOR MORE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS, VISIT DULUX.COM.AU Dulux®, Wash&Wear®, Worth doing, worth Dulux®, 101®, Barrier Technology®, Diamond Tough®, the squares device and the sheepdog device are registered trademarks of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd. The Aussie property market is a hot topic right now – as always! If you’re tempted to sell your place and cash in, don’t let a poor impression undermine its potential worth. Here are 32 smart fixes and tips to help you sell for the best price. Freshen your interiors – decorate, clean, spruce and style. Then head outdoors – trim, mow, fix, sweep and revamp. Finally, choose your agent wisely. Your for sale’ sign will be stickered in a flash! Small house interior design ideas A chic home gives a sense of how livable it is. Help the buyers imagine themselves relaxing in their’ home. Scatter plumped, eyecatching cushions. Bright artworks and lamp bases are big crowd-pleasers. First impressions count, especially at your entryway. Give your door a new coat of paint and lubricate squeaky hinges. Make sure all your locks are operational. Unleash your inner decorator and show your coffee table and sofa a bit of lovin’. Use this as an excuse to buy fabulous new cushions – you’ll be able to take them with you to your new place anyway! Maximise the appeal of existing design features, such as pendant lights, by complementing with furnishings – as these interesting chairs do here. Psst… make sure your light bulbs are functioning, too. Make buyers feel like they’re stepping into their next home (not intruding) by removing personal items – use the hooks previously hanging family photos for artworks. Neatly arrange your remaining edit of cushions, books and throws.

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