Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2018

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2018

This is a medium-sized, three-bedroom, double-storey house. All living areas and bedrooms are north facing to capture maximum light in cooler seasons.

The entrance leads to the open-plan lounge, dining room and kitchen.

Doors in the dining room and lounge lead to an outside entertainment deck.

The kitchen and scullery have a stove, double-bowl sink, space for a fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and a back door leading to the kitchen yard.

On the first floor, the staircase leads into a family room and small study.

The main bedroom has a balcony and an en suite bathroom with a bath, shower, toilet and vanity top with a basin.

Opposite bedrooms two and three is a bathroom with a shower and washbasin, a separate toilet with a washbasin, and a third bathroom with a bath and vanity top with a basin.

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