Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas

What. I’m about to show you may scare you it’s just a kitchen but it’s not a very good one right you’ve got cabinets that aren’t staying together you’ve got stuff crammed in drawers you can’t get to anything. So we came to University Meadows to help them transform their outdated. And dysfunctional kitchen into something they could really work with. And we did it using the section kitchen cabinetry system for makea let’s take a look at the solutions. So before they didn’t have enough counter space. And their sink was way too small. So we gave them the Bahaman double bowl sink with the elbow dam faucet now they can rinse tall bowls. And serving platters.

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And we took the microwave. And moved it right down below. So now you can see it’s cleared up all the counter space. And we gave them these fully extending drawers down below they can keep their large serving bowls some food items. And then there’s even this smaller drawer that opens. And there’s a wide array of drawer organizers that go in these Maxim arrow drawers to help you maximize the storage. And then they have soft-close functions. So when they shut them they don’t slam them. And then over here you can see we have shelves inside for all of their plates. And bowls. And things like that. And we’ve got dampers right here. So when you shut the door no slamming. So one of the coolest things about this kitchen is the Amla under cabinet lighting it actually runs off this little switch right here. And it dims the lights accordingly and. Because every kitchen needs a trash can we put it right underneath the sink on the ‘true step pullout recycling bin tray it’s easy to get to. And you can put it right back in when you’re done. So whether you’re looking to redo your entire kitchen with a system like section which comes in a wide range of frame sizes. And or color options or if you’re just looking for ways to organize your existing kitchen you can find it all at IKEA. And for more tips. And tricks check out Home Tour Series comm all right rolling everyone.

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