Small living room decoration

Escofet’s auriculas Admirers of Jose Escofet’s floral paintings shown in the November 1989 issue of House & Garden will be glad to learn that the Stephanie Hoppen gallery is presenting a limited edition of 500 collections of his auriculas. Each collection contains twelve 13″ x 17″ prints and costs about £1,500, from Stephanie Hoppen, 17 Walton Street, SW3 (tel: 01-589 3678). For book worms Complete private libraries, tailored to suit individual literary tastes, are the speciality of Mellor and Baxter, 121 Kensington Church Street, London W8 (tel: 01-229 2033). This antiquarian bookshop will supply single volumes and sets of books in fine leather bindings, or bind to order collections of modern authors, to form a library of virtually any size. Each library is fully catalogued and can be updated at any time, providing an invaluable service for book worms and interior designers.

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