Small Living Room Design Pictures

Small Living Room Design Pictures

The Correct Method of Painting

Now as to the application of the paint itself. Here again the adoption of the right procedure is as important as actual skill in the application.

The vessel containing the paint in use should not be more than half full. The brush should only be dipped a little way, so that merely the tips of the bristles take up paint. Then the brush should be tapped against the side of the vessel, so as to distribute the paint well into the bristles. Always do this on the same side of the can, and, as the level of paint lowers during the progress of the work, the sides should be kept brushed down to the level of the remaining paint. This will keep the kettle clean.

Applying the Paint

In applying paint, the chief object is to spread the paint as evenly as possible over the surface under treatment. It should be laid on in one direction, then brushed crossways, and finally laid off very lightly in the first direction, and the pressure on the brush during this process should be, at first, fairly heavy, and diminish as the action proceeds.

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