Small Living Room Design Tips

Small Living Room Design Tips

The Picture Mould

In painting the picture mould, it is a good plan to start on the left-hand side of the window, and work from there right round the room. This makes it easy to lay off each section into the one just previously coated.

Window Frames and Doors

In coating such items as the window frames and doors the general principle is to work from the top downwards. This principle, however, is subject to the following modifications.

Finish the actual window frame before beginning its surrounding casing, if any.

In painting the door the edges of both the door itself and the frame should be done first. If there is a cupboard the shelves and the inside of the doors should be done before the outside is begun.

In coating the face of a door the following procedure should be observed: first paint the moulds round one of the upper panels, then the panel itself, and then the other moulds and panels in the same order. When all the moulds and panels are done, proceed with the upright middle stiles, then the cross stiles and, finally, the outside upright stiles of the framework. After the door itself, paint the casing. The correct method throughout is to do the mouldings and edges before the larger flat parts.

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