Small Living Room Designs Ideas

Small Living Room Designs Ideas

How Many Coats of Paint?

The number of coats of paint will depend partly upon the condition of the old paint, the availability of the paint and partly on whether any great change in the colour scheme is required.

If the surface is good and a similar colour to that already on is desired, two coats may be sufficient. Otherwise, three will probably be required to obtain the best results.

Throughout the whole of the operations certain precautions should be observed. The greatest care should be taken to eliminate dust, which is the great enemy of good workmanship.

Before each coat is applied the surface should be carefully smoothed with fine sandpaper and then as carefully brushed over with the duster so as to remove every trace of grit. This

The face side of the door is completed by painting the side upright stiles. dusting is most particularly necessary in the case of the skirtings, as it is generally found that dust lodges in the angle between them and the floor. Great care should be exercised here, or it may be found that the paint brush will pick up dust and carry it on to other parts of the work. This is one of the reasons why the skirtings should always be coated last. Assuming, as is generally the case, that the painting of the woodwork is part of a complete scheme of decoration and that the adjoining plaster has been bared for later covering with wallpaper, the paint should be carried well on to the wall for, say, an inch, so as to enable the paper to overlap and make a neat edge to the casings and tops of the skirting boards.

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