Small Living Room Ideas For Apartments

Small Living Room Ideas For Apartments

Set the Stage with Walls

A COAT of paint, bold or pale, is an excellent and, of ten the most appropriate way, to grace a wall. But it is far from being the only solution, as settings on these four pages clearly illustrate. For added richness, for architectural embellishment, for a feeling of spaciousness, for relating adjacent living areas, highly ornamental wall treatments have become a most popular decorating technique.

Among the most readily available, and easiest to use wall decorations, is wallpaper”striking, distinctive, radiantly colored. It can go a long way toward establishing a rich backdrop for furniture and accessories, toward covering up architectural flaws, toward creating a fresh, new mood. Its effect is more than doubled in spades when used with a companion print at the windows and/or on the uphol- stered pieces. In one setting, patterned wallpaper has been banded with solid stripping to give the effect of paneling.

Fabric is another prominent wall material”and it lends itself to numerous treatments. In one setting here, for example, a fabric-covered wall is framed with painted plywood strips to emulate paneling. Wood paneling is, of course, another marvelous way to set the stage; the architectural enrichment it provides makes it well worth the investment. But there is no limit to what you can use”even carpeting for a special effect and for acoustical value, as well as screens and mirrors.

Whether you use a material for all four walls or just one, will depend upon the effect you want and the amount of money you spend.

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