Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Elvan, we’re here in Detroit Michigan to help the Walker family with their small outdated living room check it out. I’m Tiffany and. I’m Jonathan and, we’re the walkers the first thing that you come into is our spacious basically we have limited seating limited room for much of anything that sofa was great ten years ago right now a people come over they have to sit like little soldiers no one can have a conversation like that how you guys like to entertain well we’d liked it or take a hit, I feel like it’s off a little embarrassing you know you know you’re invited like all America into your home though right but we really don’t like this TV unit it just it shows everything it’s not working at all what’s the first thing you’re gonna do once the space is completed my happy begins, I want to see it sure the rest of America wants to see it absolutely. So let’s go ahead. And get started yeah. I’ll do it you guys did an amazing job helping us but we did ask you guys to leave. So we can surprise you are you guys ready to see the space hey ready let’s do it and. So we use beste system right over here it is awesome for your space.

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Because it’s flexible there are different depths different frames you have doors drawers different colors you guys can choose from it’s easy to have integrated lighting one of the best features is that these are glass doors. So you can sit lounge post. And remotes are still working through it you show us how to work the lights this is really easy to convert into a sofa bed you see the storage all your bedding awesome this is cool this is one of the most comfortable seats that member it’s very comfortable, I could just see myself just sitting here just yeah how about just relaxing maybe you’re feeding the kid. I’m taking a nap yeah. And the economic um fertile. Because you have this nice soft quality fabric it matches your footstool. So it coordinates with. So many different things like these Ottomans are here. Because they are easy to pull out now you almost doubled your seating. So you can get one two three four five six seven people even eight Wow. So now you guys have a flexible living space place for you guys to hang out alone a place to entertain it’s not a Archies no just me in new ways. And having a baby on the way. And you guys come in. And create this amazing spaces you know, we’re literally blessed. And thankful yeah excited to get some people in here. I’m gonna have people over all the time awesome that’s what we wanted thanks for reading don’t forget to like. And share the post. And keep on tackling this design challenges for more tips. And inspiration check out home tour series calm.

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