Small Modern Living Rooms

Small Modern Living Rooms

Correct Order of Painting

In applying each coat of paint it is best to do so in a definite order, tackling and completing each item before proceeding to the next, and doing the upper ones before the lower. Thus, the picture mould, if there is one, should be done first, then the window sashes and casing, then any cupboards there may be next the door, and, lastly, the skirting boards.

Brushes and Tools Required

Two, or preferably three, paint brushes will be required: large, medium size and small.

Formerly, all painting was done with “pound” brushes and medium-sized and small tools. These are still largely used, but of late years, the fiat form of brush, in various sizes, has come into vogue and is preferred by many workers.

If the older type of brushes are used, they will, if new, require bridling for about one-third of the length of their bristles with string. If the newer flat type is used, such bridling is seldom necessary, the bristles being already of a suitable length and spring for putting into paint.

Should the older type be used, the size of the brushes will be: ordinary pound brush, No. 12 or 10 tool, and No. 6 tool for cutting in such narrow parts as the bars of sashes and the moulds of doors and casings.

More probably, the house worker will choose the flat type, and, if so, suitable sizes are these: 2J inches, H inches and 1 inch wide.

The upright middle stiles are filled in when all the panels have been dealt with.

Other tools required will be a painter’s putty knife and the brush called a duster , which name explains its main purpose.

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