Small Passive House On Wheels Designed To Withstand Earthquakes

After the earthquakes here in Christchurch [a] lot of the residential land was actually Red zoned and deemed Unfit to be built on and I think that’s just one of the reasons why the tiny house movement is really exploding here You can no longer build a regular home on some of the land But a tiny house on a trailer is absolutely perfect. The problem is though not everyone wants to live in a tiny house And that’s why I think this next place We’re about to visit is very special Paul has constructed a small house still on a trailer, that even meets passive design principles. It’s a very clever idea Hey, Paul, hello Good to meet you. Mate good to meet you too. What an absolutely striking house you have here beautiful in there. Yeah, so unusual Yeah I wanted something that was really sleek and modern and black and shiny just worked Perfectly for what I was wanting And it’s such a simple and cheap system to put it on as well there. Just covers up the house.

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Yeah simply So what is the cladding on this home? It’s actually a CL signboard. They actually use it for signs all the time I just wondered the black one just you could have in any colour though, but black just worked perfectly Paul I was wanting and it just came out like this you would never know it by looking at this house But it’s actually sitting on a trailer is it certainly it’s actually hidden behind these removable panels [so] I’ve got six tires old all around just evenly supported. They’d actually just support. It. Just like a normal trailer What’s the size of this home this this one is [13] and a half metres by three point one? So it can go just on the back of a truck and be loaded just like any old normal Cargo or container just Easily to be transported so that the trailer itself isn’t actually for transport on the road though. No, it’s not no It’s actually just built just to be moved around site It can go temporary on the road if you want to move it quickly But otherwise it just gets lightweight to go in the back of a truck and then just get transported on site, but yeah Just me be moved around on site very easily very cool entrance tips into the house as well Yeah, I always try and make two uses out of one an object So I’ve [just] got the stairs and we’ve got our dog and that’s his little kennel down there perfect. What a brilliant idea Well, I’m excited to see inside the let’s go What an impressive space? This space feels like a really good size doesn’t it it certainly does you couldn’t quite call a tiny home though could you? Definitely not [know].

It’s definitely a small home though, but it’s a perfect space for As I’d like to think it’s a starter home. It’s not cramped It’s all got usable spaces we’ve been in the near a year and it just feels just like a normal apartment So what was it that actually made you want to build this home? it was actually me wanting to start to build an affordable Starter home something that someone could actually buy before their major house just something I could living there would be warm dry Cheap to live in but also affordable affordable the biggest one yeah, so what made you actually want to put it on a trailer? Originally I wanted it to be an earthquake resistant house There actually moved independently of the ground rather than stuck to the ground and wheels were the perfect Solution for that because of course we’re here in Christchurch at the moment in recent years earthquakes have just completely plagued the city so that must have been Actually a really big part of your decision-making when it comes to constructing your own home [it] certainly did and we’ve actually been in here well, we had an earthquake a few months ago and So much, so that pass got my wife She was actually on the phone [at] the time When we [were] [moving] around and she [was] just just chatting away on the phone as if nothing was going on It was just so quiet And he didn’t [realize] didn’t realize how big it was and the style of this home is just really lovely as well It’s so Modern and Chic Yes, that’s the good thing [about] having a wife They certainly do the stylee things I just get told what to do and just do it so basically that none of this is mine This is all my wife’s when designing this home. You’ve actually incorporated a lot of [passivhaus] principles Have in here certainly have yeah like the first aspect of a passive home is super insulation And it’s designed in such a way and actually even put together in such a way [that] it becomes airtight and just by building it That is the first principle of a passive home and then you have a good recovery ventilation system, and that actually can actually reduce your bills by 90% if used properly [so] you’ve actually constructed this home using structurally insulated panels haven’t you certainly have yet? And this particular tip is actually using metal, so it’s a metal [palace] firing metal sip But there’s lots of [the] [din] types of sips as well They’re becoming more and more popular as everyone’s realizing just how good a construction material. They are So we’re in the kitchen right now, and there are some really lovely features in here. Yeah, now I particularly love the Bamboo benchtop We’ve got so that was the first thing we’ve also got a little air ventilation system that’s actually built into the wall so we can actually still [use] the storage space up above and On the gas hob here because we have got such a tight airtight System here that on. The gas cooker [I] just wanted to actually have a little bit more air coming into the house whenever we had the Cooker on just by adding a little switch on the window. So you know you’re never actually going to run out of any air On those brilliant one and clever feature, and you’ve got a really lovely living room space here as well Yeah, I think very much yeah, it’s still them that the french doors.

We’ve got here They are still sort of ready for our deck We still need to build but that’s what they’re designed for and yes this place looks so much lighter and brighter With the Big Windows still by some standards a pretty small lounge But you haven’t compromised on the size of your television, heavy now We do like movies as you can kind of see we don’t watch television, but we do like a movie So we have a movie experience every single time. We’re here. Yes We do enjoy [that] and so down the other [end] of the home is the bedroom bathroom It certainly is can we have a look at that. Let’s go all right Well, this is a cute room. Yeah, the little bedroom this is actually designed for a single bed and the wardrobe but At the moment it says our office at once so forgive the mess and the paperwork a messy [disc] [is] a sign of an intelligent Person of course it that’s and they couldn’t get any messier than now they [like] so what does [that] see? But what a really cool space. This is and you can see this and this is a small room But it’s actually a perfect size [for] an office or for a child’s bedroom Isn’t it it certainly is yeah? It’s we’ve got two desks in here so we can actually work together on a on [our] separate projects, so it’s perfect It’s perfect for what we want it for as well And next to us is the bathroom it certainly is So actually a hallway as well as a bit of an unusual feature in a small home, isn’t it it’s a bit extravagant But [I] actually wanted these this type type of small space to still feel like a home And you always have the hallways at home so and I wanted this a good flow through all the different rooms as well so for me the hall was quite an important feature to actually make it feel and look like [a] normal [house] and Again this bathroom is a really wonderful space the large mirror makes it look a lot large and it really is Absolutely, but this is probably [that’s] the size you’d seen in an ensuite, but again It uses space so that you actually don’t feel cramped in here There’s plenty of room to get to everything and plus behind the door. We’ve got the wash machine and fridge Freezer For for everything you need and the master bedrooms through here at the end of the house.

That’s right So normally don’t normally need that much room in a bedroom, but I just wanted a good usable space You can still change your clothes have a good [sized] bed plenty of storage and this is just the perfect space [for] it I think there’s a lot to be said for their day because if you have the space available to you Just giving yourself. Just a little bit of extra room around everything can actually make all the difference kind of just Just be enough to walk around the bed. It’s a little thing but So important when someone’s actually still in bed. You don’t have to wake up the other person Makes a lot of sense yeah one of the things that I really like about tiny homes is that it teaches us What’s necessary and what’s not? But I also think that when we move into sort of the more small homes Category we can sort of start taking the best of both worlds. We go, okay? Well This is what’s really necessary, and this is what tiny home design has taught us And that’s when we can add so many of those cool space-saving features and everything yes, but then when we move into small homes We get to go actually in a tiny home I’m really bugged by this and I can change it So [I] [think] in some ways these small home designs really have kind of the best of both [worlds] aren’t they Yeah, and again with just even the bed. We’ve got drawers underneath the bed and plus as well on the bed Except she literally got [the] whole of the bed [for] storage which it would just just just looks like a [normal] band. Oh absolutely brilliant This is [a] really impressive home And you’ve got a lot of additional features built into this like the structurally insulated panel construction as well as the semi passive design What did this home actually cost you to construct? With my labor involved [this] probably this particular one probably cost about a hundred thousand but very easily if you want to do the decorating and Maybe just leave the carpets a little bit you could probably reduce that down to a bit [seventy] [five] thousand Excellent so again that is a really affordable price point to come and for people as a first home as a [better] assessor Which is exactly what I wanted to do and although, it’s quite hard to get affordable housing materials in New Zealand By using these panels it actually does make it actually possible.

Yeah, absolutely there are people like me who love tiny houses and Can really happily live in a tiny house? But then there’s a lot of people who can’t and I think a home like this is a really nice balance It’s it’s not excessive, but it still has enough space [to] be really comfortable for the vast majority of us right all right Easily I’ve lived in Caravans even large Caravans in Britain And they always felt small [and] pokey and cold Where I actually wanted this to be [just] like a small house, and this satisfies it exactly it might look small on it So it might look like a container on the outside, but inside It’s actually a lot rooming than you think and that’s how most people seem to be wanting to move towards now It’s downsizing and just not having this that massive footprint all senses have analogies All you have done a really wonderful job constructing your own here. Thank you so much for showing me. Thank you very much To me the idea of a home like this as a stud arm, or a stepping stone is Absolutely perfect. [I] think there are a lot [of] people that love the idea of tiny homes But perhaps think they couldn’t really actually practically live [in] the space and this here is the perfect solution for that I mean, it’s still small by regular home standards Incredibly economical on resources and makes great financial sense This is a fantastic solution you.

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