Small Room Decorating Tips

Small Room Decorating Tips

DECORATING IDEAS Arrange the Furniture

CUCCESSFUL furniture arrangement takes skill and imagination. It’s one of the most challenging and difficult tasks the amateur designer must handle. A beautiful color scheme, handsome furniture and well-designed backgrounds add up to nothing if the furniture itself is not arranged in a balanced and harmonious manner, if it does not provide the needed seating area, if it does not adequately utilize the space at hand.

The proper placement of furniture within a room is especially challenging these days when new high-rise apartments offer living rooms without the architectural focal point of a fireplace around which furniture can be placed with authority. Rooms are often long and narrow, or chopped up with odd openings and poorly-proportioned windows.

The custom today to position furniture in conversational groupings is a gracious solution to living room arrangement. Designers have surmounted the lack of a fireplace by creating their own focal points.

A large conversational grouping, set out in the center of the room, is often the best solution to a large square room without the focal point of a fireplace. Seating pieces in Bloomingdale’s living room are grouped around large glass coffee table, oriental rug.

A fascinating storage wall of bookcases and cabinets can serve this purpose, as can an interesting commode overscored by a mirror or large canvas. The grouping can be set out in the center of the room around the vibrant personality of a patterned accent rug and an unusually-styled, oversized coffee table. In one of the settings shown here, a designer planned a small indoor garden as the center of her furniture grouping. Another device is to dramatize the sofa by giving it unmatched end tables and the punctuation mark of a fascinating canvas above it.

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